What is Prodovite Vitamin and Mineral Tonic?

The Herbal, Vitamin, Mineral Victory Drink

This web site is about advocating the simplest, most effective way to enhance your health and well being. My friends and acquaintances have heard me talk about this. Forgive me for repeating myself, but consider using a liquid vitamin and mineral and herb supplement as the first choice for your supplement program.

Everything else, while better than nothing, (whether it’s tablets, capsules, chewables or powders), remains on the second tier of nutrient support. Liquid rules, everything else drools.

This basic idea, that liquid nutrients get absorbed faster and go to work sooner may already seem intuitive and obvious to you. Or, maybe not. My personal experience from shopping at health food stores and other alternatives for more than four decades led me to an inescapable conclusion.

Tablets, capsules and chewables or powders have, most often, no observable effect. Especially tablets. No personal evidence they work. Even when someone I know like and trust praises the efficacy of a table, I try it and…meh. Maybe it’s just my metabolism is not hot enough to process a dadgum tablet.

For liquid supplements, especially tonics, the results have been different. There was one tonic, said to be good against depression, that lifted my spirits in less than a month. And I only needed the one bottle.

Another one, ananti-inflammatory drink, healed a long time pain in my shoulder. That one took about ten bottles. But it started working from the first. In the end, more that $300 later, my shoulder was completely pain free, and it still is.

Neither of those, escellent though they are, can compare to the power of Prodovite. Consider the message in this video.

You hear Dr. Steve Kushner talk about Prodovite tonic in this short video. He is careful to understate the case for taking this cutting edge herbal, vitamin and mineral tonic.

To see more videos and read what the company has to say about their bottled elixir, click the Prodovite bottle below.



How Prodovite Reverse Ages the Blood

Here is the most dramatic proof that Prodovite herbal, vitamin and mineral drink restores  and rejuvenates blood health to a much improved state.

Look into Prodovite further by clicking this link.

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